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Assigning Activities

On occasion, an area office staff member may need to assign a task for another staff member to follow up on or finish. When that is the case, the first staff member must verify that all the steps mentioned below have been completed so that the second staff member may complete the job.

1. Log onto iBudget. You will see the outstanding Activities associated with your user ID

2. Double click on the task that you wish to assign

3. Click the Actions icon at the top of the page

4. To assign the task, click Assign

5. A pop-up box will appear. Click on the Look Up icon

6. This will bring up a Look Up Records pop-up. In the Search box, type in the name of the person to whom you are assigning the task and press Enter on your keyboard

7. Highlight the person in the list and click OK

8. You will see the screen, Assign to Queue or User. Click OK

9. The task has now been assigned.

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