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Exporting iBudget information to Excel

The Exporting to Excel feature is a tool in iBudget that can be used by support coordinators if they would like an Excel table that can be used for their own records.
One example would be having a list of their individuals’ PIN numbers. Please follow the instructions below to export to Excel.
1. When you see the Export to Excel button, you can export the entire list in view. Click the Export to Excel button

2. Select Static worksheet with records from all pages in the current view. This will pull all the records from all pages

3. Click Export

4. A file download box will pop up. If you would like to open the file before saving, select Open. If you would like to save to your computer, click Save

5. An Excel file will open and a pop-up box will appear. Simply select Yes. An Excel file will now be displayed and you can manipulate it to your choosing.

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