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How do I submit a cost plan?

At any time the WSC can look in the Annual Cost Plan tabs to see all cost plans for the individual. When the
cost plan is being built, the Cost Plan Status shows as Draft and Processing Status displays None. Once all the
services have been added, the cost plan must be submitted for review.

1. Double click on the Draft cost plan that needs to be submitted from the Annual Cost Plans list

2. Click Submit at the top of the page. A confirmation box will appear asking, β€œAre you sure
you want to submit this cost plan?” Click the OK button.

3. This will change the Cost Plan Status to Pending Review and the Processing Status from None to
Pending WSC Review. Double click on the Pending WSC Review cost plan

4. Enter your notes in the WSC Processing Comments field. Please remember that this is the
space for you to communicate with the area office. Please do not select Approve or 12-13 Cost Plan.

5. Click Yes if the consumer accepts the cost plan. If the consumer does not accept the cost plan, click No.

6. Click the Save and Process icon at the top of the page to submit the cost plan for review.
If Yes is clicked, then the cost plan will be processed normally.

7. If the consumer did not accept the cost plan and No is selected, a pop-up box will appear, asking for
an explanation to be entered for non-acceptance of the cost plan. Enter an explanation in the field
titled Explanation for Consumer not accepting Cost Plan.

8. This will send the cost plan automatically for area review for approval.


How to Manually Send Cost Plan for Area Review
Due to the need to streamline the approval process, flags have been placed in the system to automatically
send the cost plan for area review. If the cost plan built by the WSC does not flag any of these, it will
automatically go to Current Approved status. However, area office action may be needed in some instances. An
example would be the need for a date correction. Please follow the instructions below to manually send the
cost plan for area review.

1. Submit the cost plan so that the processing status is Pending WSC Review. Double click to open

2. Enter your WSC processing comments with details of why you are manually sending this to area office
for review

3. At the top of the screen click the Area Review button in lieu of the Save and Process button. This will
manually send the cost plan to the area office for review

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