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How do I add information to the Notes section after Service Authorizations have been generated for a given quarter?

Please use this feature when you simply want to amend or add notes to a service plan. By following the
instructions below you can add a note to that service authorization for that quarter. You will not have to copy
the cost plan and resubmit. Please note that if you follow the instructions below, you will need to add the
notes to every quarter for that service.

1. Log into iBudget

2. Click Consumers under the Workplace/People menu

3. Search for the consumer. Double click on the consumer

4. This opens the Consumer Information page

5. On the left side under the Details menu click Service Authorizations

6. From the list double click on the service authorization that needs an updated note

7. This will open the Service Authorization Information page

8. Click the Notes tab

9. Click on Click Here to enter a new note

10. Enter the note and then either click outside the box or click Save

11. The new note has now been added to the service authorization and should appear on the service
authorization using the Service Authorization Report

NOTE: This process will only add a note to the service authorization for that quarter. If you would like
the same note to appear on each quarter, add it manually for each by following the instructions or by
copying the entire cost plan, adding your notes to the service plans, and then resubmitting.

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