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Annual Cost Plan Copy/Change

To modify a current approved cost plan it is necessary to copy it and then make changes to it. When the copy feature is used, all the existing service plans are copied to the new cost plan. iBudget Florida uses copied service plan information for comparison with current approved service plan information to determine how to modify service authorizations.
1. Select a consumer in the Consumer list.

2. Click Annual Cost Plans under the Details menu. Double click the cost plan that will be copied. Only Current Approved or Historical annual cost plans may be copied.

3. Click the Copy button at the top of the Annual Cost Plan page

4. The system will provide the message, “Are you sure you want to copy this cost plan to a new draft plan?” Click the OK button

5. The system will return to the Annual Cost Plans list page showing the new copied cost plan

6. Double click on the copied Draft cost plan in the list.

7. Click Service Plans in the Details menu

8. Double click the service plan that needs modification

9. If the service plan requires changes in service amounts, then make the appropriate modifications on the existing service plan.

10. Click Save and Close

Repeat steps 8-10 for each service needing to be changed.

11. When you are finished with the service plans, click Information under the Details menu

12. Review the cost plan with the consumer. Under the Processing section click Yes next to “Consumer Accepts Cost Plan?” Enter a date in the Effective Date field

13. Click Submit

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