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How do I approve a cost plan?

Only area office staff can approve a cost plan.

There are several steps to properly approve a cost plan. The steps below must occur for every cost plan that is
sent for area review.

Verifying Cost Plan Budget Amounts
1. Click Consumers in the Workplace/People menu.

2. Double click on a consumer in the list

3. The Consumer Information page will be displayed

4. Click Annual Cost Plans in the Details menu on the Consumer Information page

5. Double click the cost plan in the list that is in Pending Review or Pending Area Office Review status to
view cost plan amounts

6. This brings up the Annual Cost Plan Information page. Verify that the amounts are correct.
Be sure to check the Notes tab for cost plan notes

Components of the Cost Plan
1. Click the Monthly Cost Plans link in the Details menu to check the monthly expenditures against
monthly budgets

2. Click the Service Plans link in the Details menu

3. Double click each service plan to review the budgeted amount for the service

4. Click the Notes tab to check for service plan notes. Service plan notes appear on the provider service
authorization and must be entered for the provider to know how to provide the service

5. If cost plan issues are found, take appropriate action to resolve the issues. This can be done by fixing
the issues yourself or sending the cost plan back to the WSC for review

6. If the Cost Plan Status is Pending Review and the Processing Status indicates Pending Area Office
Review, the area office will see a date in the Effective Date field. The area office must enter comments
in the Area Office Processing Comments box for the cost plan

7. Click the Save and Process icon at the top of the Annual Cost Plan page

8. A confirmation box will appear asking, β€œAre you sure you want to process this cost plan?” Click OK

9. The Cost Plan Status will change from Pending Review to Current Approved


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