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How do I create a new service plan?

1. Create a service plan for each service. Click Service Plans in the Details menu on the left side of the

2. Click New Service Plan

3. To make sure that the page loaded correctly, look in the bottom left-hand corner to see that a date has
been populated.

4. Click the Look-Up icon beside the Service Code field

5. This brings up a Look Up Records box. Select a service code for the service plan. Click OK.

6. Click the Look-Up icon beside the Provider field

7. Under Provider Name, select a provider for the service plan

8. Click the Look-Up icon beside the Service Level field

9. Select the Service Level. Click OK

10. Click the Look-up icon beside the Procedure Code field

11. Select the Procedure Code. Click OK. 

12. Click the Look-Up icon beside the Service Ratio field

13. Select the Service Ratio. Click OK

14. In the Units fields enter the appropriate units for each month in the service plan

15. Click the Save and Close icon at the top of the page. The service amounts will be calculated, and a
monthly service plan will be created

16. Repeat Steps 4 through 14 until all of the appropriate services have service plans.

Spanning the Quarter
When building a service plan, a WSC may span quarters to give flexibility to the individual and the provider.
This can be done by entering units in the first month of the quarter, skipping the middle month of the quarter,
and entering units in the last month of the quarter. As long as there are units with a begin date of the first
month of the quarter and an end date the last month of the quarter, the provider is able to bill for that
amount at any time throughout the quarter, and the individual is not confined to only one month of services.
This process is frequently used for dental plans so that the individual may visit the dentist any time within the

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