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Information for Medicaid Enrolled Billing Agents

APD IT Help Desk will begin taking calls from Medicaid Enrolled Billing Agents who provide appropriate identification (the same information that would be given to the provider), regarding billing inquiries.  Only the ABC/iBudget billing support team has the ability to look up the billing agent information in FMMIS. Therefore, when the Help Desk receives a call from a Medicaid  billing agent, the caller will be asked to provide their name, billing agent provider number and the provider number they represent.  These provider numbers will be verified by the ABC/iBudget billing support team staff who receives the ticket and only upon verification will the billing agent be given the requested information. 

The billing agent will need to provide the following:


Provider ID# of treating provider

Provider ID# of Medicaid Enrolled billing agent

Name of Billing Agent


Denial Code received

Dates of Service denied

If the billing agent does not provide this information, the ticket will be unable to be processed until all required information has been received.

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