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WSC iBudget Password Self Reset

How to Reset Your iBudget Password


Step 1

Please go to http://apdap5v:8888/showLogin.cc, click the “Reset Password” link. 

Step 2

Enter your iBudget user name (Domain User Name), select ‘APD’ from the drop down menu and click the “Continue” button.

Step 3

Answer (Ans:) your security questions (Que:) and click the “Continue” button. 

Step 4 

Enter your new password in the New Password field, enter your new password again in the Confirm New Password field, then click the “Reset Password” button.

**NOTE: In order to meet password complexity requirements, your password must have any three of the following four characteristics:  1-uppercase letter,  2-lowercase letter,  3-number,  4-special character (ie: ?, ^, !, *, etc.)

 Step 5 

If you receive the message "The password reset has been done successfully," your Windows password is now reset. Please close the window and log in to iBudget using your new password.



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